Privacy Policy

We store three kinds of data in our secure database: information about you (the user of this tool), information about the organization you represent and information about any MailChimp list(s) you ask us to analyze.

We store the information that you provide about yourself (your name, email address, etc.) in order to ensure that you are indeed affiliated with the organization you registered with. We will not publically report this information.

We store information about your organization (organization size, budget, coverage scope, etc.) in order to provide you with more personalized metrics, such as benchmarks of organizations "like yours." We also reserve the right to publish anonymized aggregate data on what types of organizations are using our service. We will not publically report your organization's information.

Finally, if you choose not to opt-out, we also store information about the MailChimp list(s) that you ask us to analyze. This information consists of summary statistics we generate through a number of API calls and calculations (the same statistics we use to generate the charts in the report email we send you), as well as the API key you provide to us and the unique MailChimp ID of the list you ask us to analyze. We will also use these summary statistics to help calculate a aggregate statistics for other users of this tool. We do not store any raw data about your list, nor do we access any personally-identifying information about your list members. When you enter your API key, you may choose to uncheck both checkboxes containing "Store this API key." If you do, we will not store any information at all about your MailChimp list. This does, however, prevent us from caching and updating your data in the background (allowing you to instantly receive an up-to-date report on your list, or a scheduled monthly report). It also means you will not be contributing your data to an aggregate pool which helps other tool users as well as our research team.

If you would like us to delete your data, including summary statistics about your MailChimp lists, please contact us. Removal requests will be processed within 14 days.