Frequently Asked Questions

Whom am I being benchmarked against?

The following is a breakdown of organizations in our database. All data is self-reported.

  • 72% of organizations are non-profits, 27% are for-profits and 1% are B Corps.
  • 5% of organizations are hyperlocal in their coverage. 10% cover a single city. 36%, 26% and 22% provide statewide, national and international coverage respectively.
  • 29% of organizations focus on a single subject, while 58% cover multiple subjects. 13% of organizations are investigative in nature.
  • 74% of organizations are digital only and 3% are print only. 23% publish in both print and digital form.
  • 27% of organizations have 5 or fewer employees. 18% have 6-10 employees, 12% have 11-20 employees, 22% have 21-50 employees and 20% have more than 50 employees.
  • 32% of organizations have an annual budget of less than $500k. 33% have a budget of between $500k and $2m, 24% have a budget of between $2m and $10m, 3% have a budget of between $10m and $30 and 6% have a budget of greater than $30m.

What can you tell me about the lists in your database?

The following statistics derive from those users who contributed their anonymized list data to our aggregate statistics (see our Privacy Policy for more information).

  • These statistics cover 99 lists.
  • The mean number of subscribers for an email list in our database is 15,800 with a standard deviation of 21,963. The largest list has 119,812 subscribers, the smallest list has 46 subscribers and the median list has 8,239 subscribers.
  • The mean list open rate across our dataset is 27.0% with a standard deviation of 9.7%. The highest open rate is 55.5%, the lowest open rate is 1.5% and the median open rate is 26.7%.

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